Switching Providers at 25 Weeks Pregnant

I broke up with my original midwives, Loudoun Community Midwives (LCM). When I had Murphy, I loved them!! They were a private practice, and were super supportive of all my birthing wishes! They delivered at Loudoun Hospital, and at that hospital, they had an all natural birth center. That was really why I went with them!

Unfortunately the natural birth center ended up flooding, and was out of commission for months and months. Then, I ended up being induced at 42w, so I wasn’t a candidate to go to the birth center anyways.

However, even being induced with pitocin, basically everything on my birth plan was honored. I felt so empowered, and I really did have the birth I wanted. It was private, intimate, and what I wanted.

Fast forward to today, and they are no longer a private practice. They’ve since merged with Stone Springs hospital.

Since I had such a good experience with them with Murphy, it didn’t cross my mind to look for another provider. I also didn’t think that I had another option. I was under the impression that LCM was the only midwifery in network with my insurance policy.

Our very first prenatal appointment with baby # 2, was red flag number 1. We did NOT get the warm and fuzzies that we got when we first met them in 2017. I very much felt like just another number. But, I pushed it aside, and tried not to think too much of it. What really stood out, was the fact that Kevin pointed out how much they had changed. I was 100% in denial, and told him that I didn’t agree.

Then there was this one midwife, and I’m going to refer to her as Jane for now. I may come back later and update her real name, but for now she’s Jane.

SO for starters, Jane’s bedside manner is TERRIBLE. When we had one of our first appointments with her, she scoffed at Kevin, and proceeded to treat him like a bump on a log. Very unprofessional, and highly inappropriate.

Another time I was there, we had been discussing the risks of gestational diabetes, and I had a muffin with me for Murphy. As we were leaving, my sister in law (who was with me) said, “oh don’t forget the muffin” (it was on the counter) and Jane turned to me and said, “That better not be your muffin.” I was shocked and embarrassed. It wasn’t my muffin but still, it was extremely rude of her.

Also, she is NOT very supportive of doulas and that’s extremely important to me! Having a birth as close to a home birth (in a hospital setting) is how I like it. It’s what I did with Murphy, and it’s what I plan on doing this time around, and my doula is absolutely essential.

A separate visit I had, there was confusion on the type of urine that I needed to provide. So I left a regular urine sample, because I wasn’t told otherwise. Well, turns out it was supposed to be a clean catch. So I politely asked if I could have a cup of water, and she said to me “well I’m sure you’ll need to pee again before you leave” I was blown away AND her tone was VERY rude. She reluctantly ended up giving me a cup of water.

We’ve just never had a good experience with her. Someone else ended up having a nightmare of a birth experience with her in the hospital too. She refused to let her labor in the tub. Said that all the fetal monitors weren’t waterproof (which isn’t true). That poor women ended up having a nightmare of a birth because of Jane.

It’s just been one red flag after the next. They no longer operate like traditional midwives. All the midwives who I loved are no longer there. They’ve all moved on to other practices, or started their own practice.

Also, they used to really make you feel so important!! Now, it’s just like you’re another number. Zero interest in who you are.

When I was pregnant with Murphy, every visit I felt so important, they gave me real face to face time. No computers, nothing felt rushed. It was genuine. They asked so many questions about my diet, my lifestyle, if I had anything I wanted to talk about.

Now, they just type away on their laptop the entire visit, and try to get the appointment over as fast as it started.

So, long story as long as possible, my doula told me about Centerville OBGYN. Initially I was hesitant because “midwife” isn’t in the title! Who knew, they have three midwives at that practice!!

The last Monday of every month, you can do a meet and great with the midwifes. Thank God we did!! Kevin, Murphy, and I met with two of the midwives and right away, I knew they were the ones for me.

I just had my first visit with them, and I could not be happier. It was so nice because I was talking so much, and at one point I apologized that I was probably wasting her time, and she said, “not at all, we can spend as much time together as you need”. I mean, c’mon! That’s how it should be!!!

I really felt like she genuinely cared about me, Kevin, Murphy, and our unborn little avocado.

Now, I will admit, the allure of Stone Springs hospital is veryyyyyyyyy enticing. It’s brand new, and they have these BEAUTIFUL big labor tubs. But, what good do those tubs do you, if they don’t even let you use them…

Switching providers at 25 weeks pregnant was scary. It’s never easy to break up with your provider. Especially when they don’t want to let you go. In the end, I had to do what is right for me and my unborn child.

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