The Loss Of Our First Chicken

I am absolutely devastated. One of our dogs, Zoey, got a chicken. She loves the chickens. I never thought shes take one. I’m crushed. It just happened and I’m hoping writing about it will help me feel better. So far it’s not working.

We had 9 chicken. The original 7, and then I surprised Kevin with two polish chickens. They’re beautiful and wild looking. They’re significantly smaller than the 7 big girls but they’re a few months apart in age.

We’ve spent the last 6 days transitioning the two baby polish with the 7 big girls. So far so good!! I was really worried the big girls would gang up on the two babies but they didn’t!! Everyone got along great!

Then for the past 2 nights, we’ve been letting everyone out right around dusk. We’re trying to do exactly what we did with the big girls, for the two baby polish.

Kevin had just put Murphy to bed, and the dogs were in the yard. Kevin went to let the dogs in, and he saw Zoey with one of the polish chickens. Immediately we went into “save her” mode!! Neither of us panicked! We just needed to figure put what to do.

I very quickly reached out to Farmer Lauren (Hillsborough Homestead) with hope’s that somehow she’d have the magical cure! Kevin quickly got the chicken wrapped up in a dish towel and in the bathtub. He then put hydrogen peroxide on the wound. Now, it didn’t look that bad! She just looked like she lost some feathers, and was very close to bleeding.

Well we were very wrong. After cleaning her up, we went to put her under the heat lamp. During our travels from the bathroom to the heat lamp, we’re pretty sure that’s when she took her last breath.

She was gone before we got her under the heat. I was devastated. It was the day before my birthday. I sobbed hysterically. How could this happen?! I was crushed.

Kevin took her to the far side of the property, and gave her to mother nature. To complete the circle of life.

It’s still not fair. It still hurts. But I suppose that’s life. That’s part of having farm animals. You live and you learn. We no longer allow Zoey to be with the chickens unsupervised. It was a learning lesson. A very painful learning lesson.

1 thought on “The Loss Of Our First Chicken

  1. It is a sad situation but like you said, you’re learning and it was an honest accident. Did the Polish chicken have a name?


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