The Stress Of A Toddler Can Make You Cry In a Grocery Store

I’m currently hiding in the bathroom from my toddler as I write this. Mom life ain’t easy!! Whoever told you it’s easy, is a liar. The last several weeks have been unbelievably stressful and chaotic, and I know Murphy can feel my vibes.

We thought we had found our next home. It was a little further away, but sat on 5 acres and a little more secluded. We really liked the house! It was something we could have easily made home. It needed very little TLC, so ideally we could spend more time having fun, and less time with projects.

There were two major flaws with the house though. Number one, the stairs in the house were oddly steep. Actually, dangerously steep. The more I thought about it, the more I had to figure out if I was really willing to go up and down those stairs DAILY. Problem number two, the driveway. They had recently gotten fresh gravel, however they didn’t get the right gravel, and it wasnt properly compacted.

We put an offer in on the house, and then we waited. A couple of days went by, and during that time we had a small storm. Kevin decided to check out the driveway after the rain, to see how the fresh gravel held up.

It looked terrible!! The one rain, had already created channels in the driveway! After seeing that, we knew that wasn’t a battle we were willing to fight. We had already done that once. Now we have a paved driveway!

Seeing the driveway washed out, made us realize this wasn’t our new home. So we withdrew our offer on the house. However, prior to coming to this realization, we had been frantically trying to get our home ready to put on the market!

We quickly started donating things we don’t need/ don’t want to pack up. I’m pretty sure Murphy can sense the stress, the frustration, and the hustle. All of this happened in less than 5 days.

Within those 5 days, we were cleaning like a bunch of crazies! We got our carpets professionally cleaned, we had a cleaning company come to the house, and we had a handy man come give us an estimate to finish up all our odds and ends. The estimate was $800! So Kevin (being the rockstar that he is) has started doing everything in his free time. Which he has no free time because he’s going to school full time, in addition to working full time.

Last week, Murphy and I went to Wegmans for our standard grocery trip. I messed up though, and we didn’t go at our usual time. Typically, we go late morning, and on this particular day, we went early afternoon.

We get to the grocery store, and right away I knew I was in for it. He threw the biggest tantrum possible when I tried to wear him with the Tula (baby carrier). So I decided to put him in the cart. He then threw and even BIGGER tantrum. I gave him a second, hoping it would pass, and it just got worse. Right then and there, I should have gotten back in the car and ordered a pizza.

I finally get him strapped into the cart and we started shopping. Immediately I get the fresh fruit, and head for the veggies. While I’m trying to pick out asparagus, this really really nice lady strikes up conversation with me. Her granddaughter is his age, and she was just being very friendly.

While talking with this woman Murphy managed to stand up, he wanted to go into the large part of the cart. Trying to maintain conversation with this woman, I put him in the back. I was trying to then place the veggies in the seat, so he couldn’t get them. Well, he’s significantly faster than me when I’m distracted. He threw the entire container of blueberries on the floor!! I was mortified!

Spilt blueberries everywhere

I instantly turned bright red and went into panic! What was I supposed to do?! Of course, the lady laughed it off, insisting a staff member would clean it up. She went to get get someone, while I quickly tried using my flip flop to sweep all the berries together.

The wegmans employee arrived with a broom in had and reassured me that it really wasn’t a big deal, accidents happen. Apparently, a few days prior, someone knocked an entire garlic display over! Then a few days before that, it was a soy sauce display!

I definitely felt a little better after that, but I was still really embarrassed. So I got the cart situated, put Murphy back buckled in, and tried to finish the trip.

Murphy screamed the entire time. Nothing I did was helping either. I tried giving him a million different food options, and he wanted nothing to do with it. I rushed as fast as I possibly could. I even bought things I didn’t need! I just wanted to get out of there.

I felt like everyone was staring with judgemental eyes. All I could think, was that everyone else was thinking, I dont have control of my own kid! I wish I had just abandoned the cart, and left the store. But I didn’t.

We’re finally ready to check out. I find what appears to be the quickest line! There were two people in line. The one paying, and an instacart employee. If you’ve never seen an instacart employee, they literally bag the items throughout the store. Then go to the register, and pay. They don’t put anything on the belt.

The instacart employee was paying and the belt was completely empty, so I’m rushing, throwing everything on the belt in no particular order. Usually I have a method, and certain things go with certain things. Not this time.

I was also really thirsty so I grabbed a water bottle. Of course Murphy starts screaming, he wants the bottle. So I hand it to him thinking it’ll buy me one or two minutes. He is trying to drink the water and screaming. Of course now I feel terrible, what if he’s been upset this whole time because he’s thirsty?!

Against my better judgment, I go to give him a sip of water. In the blink of an eye, he squeezes the bottle has hard as he can, it shoots up like a fountain, and he’s SOAKED! Then he throws the bottle, and what remained is now all over the floor.

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I was sweating bullets and doing everything in my power to hold the tears back. I notice some paper towels by the cashiers feet. I quickly try to clean up the floor, but also I cannot wait to get out of there!

Luckily, another Wegmans employee quickly makes me stop, and they finish cleaning up so I can leave. My eyes are filled with tears when the cashier hands me the receipt, and I’m not out of the store before the tears fall uncontrollably!

I was mortified! I put Murphy in the carseat, and yes he was still screaming. I’m sure at this point he’s screaming because hes cold and wet. I’m crying uncontrollably while trying to put the groceries in my trunk. It was a disaster. I was a disaster.

I called my person, Kathleen (stepmom), who was able to talk me down. I was a hot mess. Luckily she, along with 99.9% of other moms, have been there.

The rest of the night went equally as stressful. It was the day of hell. Fortunately the great days outweigh the crazy days.

Toddlers can be crazy though. I love him to death, but hes insane.

Toddlers will break you. They will embarrass you. They will drive you absolutely INSANE. But he really is the greatest person in the world. 100% worth it all.

2 thoughts on “The Stress Of A Toddler Can Make You Cry In a Grocery Store

  1. I don’t think you earn your stripes as a mom unless you have an epic meltdown in public at least once!! It sounds like you handled it like a champ, and just know, it probably won’t be the only time this happens. Good for you putting your experience out there for all the mom’s to relate to and know that we’re all in this together!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! It may have been my first big meltdown, but definitely wont be the last!! Kids are crazy and push you to the edge of insanity!! They’re also the greatest treasure!!


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